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Coign VISA Credit Card


What You Need to Know About the Launch of the Coign VISA Credit Card

The Coign VISA credit card was introduced this week and was founded by a group of prominent conservatives in an effort to draw clients who share their views.

This is the first credit card, according to Coign founder Rob Collins, for consumers who prefer that their purchases support causes they care about. The red Coign credit card is a rewards card that gives cardholders access to cash back benefits.


The Coign card has the following characteristics, listed in brief:


  • Cash-back VISA card with no cap


  • No yearly fees


  • safeguarding of financial obligations


  • A portion of the fees charged to merchants are given to organizations that support conservative causes.


According to Coign, the card is exactly the same as other credit cards currently available on the market in terms of the customer service, regulations, and protections it offers.


The statement was made in a press release by the company, which stated that it is taking action against credit card companies and mainstream banks that pursue agendas that are far to the left.


According to Rob Collins, the founder of Coign, “too many corporations are investing the money that they receive from their customers in political and social priorities that align with their executives and the media.” “With the introduction of the Coign card, conservatives will finally have the ability to ‘Spend Right’ no matter what store they frequent,”

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Chris Hansen, the president and founder of Canvass America, Cory Gardner, a former Republican senator from Colorado, and Matt Lira, a former special assistant to the president for innovation policy and initiatives, are all on the Coign advisory board.


How Does It Work?


This VISA credit card gives you cash back in any amount, has no annual fee, and protects your credit.


The Coign VISA card, which bears the Zing America, Inc. trademark, offers all the customary extras and advantages that people are accustomed to, including fraud insurance, cashback rewards, secure transactions, and VISA network coverage.


Some of the features of the Coign card include:


  • You can use your money anywhere that accepts Visa.


  • Be a friend to the conservatives.


  • Protection at a level of 100% thanks to VISA’s Zero Liability policy


  • protection against theft and hacking on a global scale



A 1% cash-back reward will be awarded to the cardholder each time they use their card to make a purchase. This cash-back reward is presented to the customer in the form of a statement credit, which can be applied toward the settlement of any outstanding obligations that the customer still owes on their account balance.



Coign has decided to give a portion of its merchant fees to various charitable organizations. The names of these charitable organizations will be made public very soon, and in the meantime, members can put their names on a waiting list to be contacted as soon as the first group of charities is revealed.

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A news release from the company states that cardholders will have the ability to vote on which causes will receive donations from transactions made using their cards.


Coign is pleased to announce that in September of this year, they have just signed on their third charity as a partner.


Costs, as well as Interest Rates

Your creditworthiness will determine your annual percentage rate (APR), which can range anywhere from 15.99 to 25.99% with the Coign VISA credit card.


When you open an account, the annual percentage rate (APR) for cash advances ranges from 25.99% to 30.99%. After that, your annual percentage rate (APR) will change based on how creditworthy you are.


If interest is charged to your account, the bare minimum that will be assessed is $1.00.


When it comes to the costs, the fees for cash advances are either three percent of the amount or ten dollars, whichever is higher. There is a possibility of incurring a late payment fee of up to $35.00.


The term “Average Daily Balance” refers to the calculation method that will be used to determine your balance.


If you pay off your entire balance by the due date of your statement each month, you will not be subject to any interest charges on the items that you have purchased. At least 25 days should pass after the end of each billing cycle before your payment is due.


How to Obtain a Coign

Users can sign up for the Coign card by visiting and clicking on the “Join Now” button on the homepage.

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You can also get the Coign app from the Google Play Store and install it on your device.


The customer service department of Coign can be reached Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. by dialing the number 833-690-2471.


Watch out for credit card reviews for the Coign card written by actual cardholders.

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