How To Check Your SASSA Status For The May 2022 R350 SRD Grant Application And Payments

All those who have applied for the R350 award, who have been granted but have not yet received payment, are experiencing the following difficulties:

The first step is to convert your banking information from your existing account to a bank account, and if you are currently using a bank, you must switch to the post office.

The second step is to get in touch with the office for assistance. When it comes to the application process, Sassa has made it simple by describing how to check and also offering the meaning of each of the Sassa Srd grant statuses in relation to the procedure.

Check the status of the R350 SRD Grant application and payments for May 2022 on the Sassa website. Learn about the different payment statuses and why you haven’t gotten money for the past months.


Upon submission of your application, you will be able to check the status of your application via Whatsapp. Follow these easy steps to get started. Visit the official website and look for or add the phone number 082 046 8553 as a contact.

Open your platform and re-enter your contacts’ information. Chat with the (082 046 8553) number that you have stored in your contacts. Send a text message to the number with the word status.’ You will now be able to keep track of the development of your grant application.

Once your chat has been received, you will be requested to supply your ID number as well as the mobile number that you used to initiate the conversation.

You have successfully and accurately finished your reapplication process if your Outcome reads “application complete.” This is in reference to the new group of candidates who were admitted commencing in August, and your reapplication procedure was successful.

After that, your information or details will be validated once a month before you receive an SMS advising you when you should expect to receive your grant payment.

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It is extremely vital for each individual to check their verification and payment status on the official website at the beginning of each month, as this may change.

It does not follow that if you are authorized this month that you will be automatically approved for the next six months and that your payment dates will remain the same. As a result, all those who are eligible for this grant should check in on a frequent basis to ensure that everything is in order for the upcoming month.


The following are some examples of when you will see a notification saying that bank details are pending: So the first thing to consider is what this signifies and what you should do to guarantee that this situation is resolved as soon as possible.

Some users completed the process correctly, but for some reason, we were unable to fill out the bank information portion; others submitted invalid information that could not be used; and still, others made typographical errors while typing items like their names and bank account numbers.

These individuals must take steps to ensure that this issue is corrected in order to be eligible for their award payment. It is also critical that you only input your information on the official website; otherwise, you run the risk of providing your information to the incorrect persons.

Some of the most common responses received by persons attempting to get their grant are listed below. If you see a status that says “re-application pending,” follow these steps: Essentially, this signifies that no application was received by the system.

Yes, it is possible that you completed the process but your information was not submitted as a result of a system fault or some other failure at the time. This difficulty can easily be resolved by just resubmitting your application on the official website and waiting for confirmation.

Once you have gotten a confirmation, you may sit back and relax, knowing that your request will be processed as quickly as possible. This may take some time due to the fact that there are millions of other recipients to take care of.

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This is something that more and more South Africans are noticing when they check the progress of their application in recent months. Some people find it helpful to have the month and the term pending right next to it.

The status of May, June, or July Pending may be visible to you: Nothing more than that. It just indicates that the Verification of your details for either the month or the period specified is still waiting.

This indicates that they are verifying that you are not receiving any of or NSAFAS, that you are not working, or that you are even receiving any government help. Once they have completed all of their checks, the message in your profile will be updated.


Successful applicants will receive an email or text message stating that they have successfully completed the process and are ready to receive money. Those who have been unsuccessful will not receive any notification.

If you see the months of May, June, and July approved: Then what this signifies is that your application has been approved for the month or time specified in the notification letter. Consequently, the question remains as to what should be done next. Simply checking your payday field for an indication or a date of when they will receive your money is all you have to do to complete the process.

Keep in mind that approval does not imply that your money is ready, but rather that all checks and verification have been done for you, and you have now progressed to the next stage, which is receiving a payment schedule. Some of you will be able to find a date, while others will not be able to.

This simply implies that your money has not yet been processed if you do not see a payment time listed on the website.

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Finally, there will be a few unfortunate individuals who will discover this statement in their profile. If this occurs, do not worry or become enraged.

Here are the steps to follow and how to have your application approved. In the first instance, the month and decline are indicated by the month and declined such as May, June, and July.

This is what it means to be declined: Your application was denied for the month specified, and you will always be able to read the explanation for this in the rejection email.

To appeal for reconsideration, you must first understand why you were denied and then rectify any problems identified. The exception is that they must not discover the same fault that was discovered the first time; otherwise, they will reject your appeal.

It is critical to remain calm and remember that, whether or not you agree with their findings, it is your responsibility to remedy them before submitting your appeal.


The agency has made it clear that anyone who wants to check on their current status must do so and take action in accordance with the information provided by the agency. You will also receive guidance on the steps you need to take in response to the feedback you receive from others.

Please see below for an in-depth explanation of what to expect in terms of the award, as announced by the agency.


Sassa grants are discussed in greater detail in the following articles.


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