British Army recruitment in Kenya dates & process 2023
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British Army recruitment in Kenya dates & process


Kenya is among the fifty-three who are members of the Commonwealth. The UK gives exclusive privileges to all member citizens who want to join its army. however you must meet the stipulated five years residency rule to apply for some of the roles.

In 2016 the five years UK residency requirement for new Commonwealth recruits were reviewed and henceforth waived to accommodate more than 200 personnel every year. The 200 candidates are expected to take up a limited number of specialist skills in the Royal Army.

As it stands, you can apply to be either be an officer or a regular soldier.

Currently, the UK Army consist of 77,500 active personnel; a low number compared to the earlier number 102,000 soldiers. The British Army is projected to be 82,000 strong. This figure comes in the backdrop of the required annual 10,000 recruits to cover for those leaving the service.

After years of conducting the traditional recruitment process, a new system has been developed to make it easier for one to submit his or her application. The UK’s leading outsourcing specialist Capita, runs the virtual online recruitment system dubbed ‘Recruitment Partnership Project’ since 2011.

British Army recruitment for Commonwealth 2018

The policy addressed above seeks to take all aspiring candidates through an online enrolment process. Applicants are required  to create an online account that will allow them to submit their details and documents that goes through a series of verification before obtaining a green light to proceed. The current recruitment process is conducted on the British Army main portal. 

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The British Army recruits soldiers annually from the Commonwealth countries.The online recruitment process, run by a private contractor, Capita has no particular date specified for commencement and deadline. However, due to a particular system glitch, the average duration they take to complete the recruitment is 300 days. If you had applied, and got no feedback, the recruitment team normally keeps the details and will get in touch once a suitable opportunity is identified.

The 2018 recruitment drive is scheduled to roll out soon, but the application to join British Army is open to all at any time. Once you submit your interest, the officials will get back to you via your address. If you have any queries and concern, feel free to call their recruitment support team-0345600 8080.




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