Top Best Dog Trainers in Utah USA 2023
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Top Best Dog Trainers in Utah USA


If you’re looking for the best dog trainers in Utah, we’ve featured best dog trainers in Utah .The best dog trainers in Utah are listed below.

One of the best places for dog training is this facility. Use a positive approach when training your dog to be happy and healthy.

To create a program that is suited to your dog’s needs, they take the time to get to know them. A one-time investment in dog training will pay off for many years to come.

Your dog will learn how to act in any circumstance with their assistance and will develop into a well-rounded member of the family.

Utah K9 Training

This facility, praised as one of the best dog training facilities in Salt Lake City, employs tried-and-true methods to deliver dependable, long-lasting outcomes.

Mike Seely, a ten-year veteran, owns and runs the facility. High-level obedience in practical settings is a hallmark of Mike’s training.

Additionally, he has expertise in K9 tracking, therapy dog certification, protection work, behavior modification, nose work, and other types of expert dog training.

Among the dog training services provided by Utah K9 Training are board and train options starting at $1,995, puppy board and train at $1,500, puppy classes at $125, K9 101 dog foundation at $300, basic e-Collar at $450, Canine Good Citizen at $750, and behavior modification at $795.

A 4-week training course for specialized training, such as nose work and service dog training, costs $495. All animals must be fully vaccinated. Contact Mike and his staff at this training facility to learn more about their programs and to schedule a consultation.


Ty the Dog Guy

Every parent hopes their dog will develop into a well-mannered and sociable pet. In just 60 days, Ty the Dog Guy guarantees results.

Serving Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, Tyler Brown provides each client with outstanding results. Ty was an animal nerd in his youth. When he was twelve years old, he started working in pet shops, dog shelters, and veterinary clinics.

At age 14, he went to a qualified dog trainer and began working as an apprentice. A range of training programs are available at this facility, including protection dog training, service dog training, and puppy training for puppies younger than five months old.

Ty fixes many issues, including reactivity, aggression, digging, counter-surfing, not responding to commands, anxiety, fear, and insecurity, as well as leash manners.

Every customer is required to bring documentation of their most recent vaccinations. Get a free assessment and a precise quote by contacting Ty the Dog Guy.



best dog trainers in Utah
best dog trainers in Utah

Let’s Train Your Dog

In 1983, Cindy finished her first training academy. She had always worked in the corporate sector full-time, but she also did dog training on the side. She discovered that the majority of training techniques were based on using e-Collars as she worked with dogs and gained more knowledge of training.

Cindy made the decision to retire in order to focus on more effective training techniques that are guaranteed to be kind, gentle, and humane. A variety of training options are available from Let’s Train Your Dog in Salt Lake City, including in-home customized training programs, puppy board and train, boot camp, and board and train for puppies older than 16 weeks, weens, teens, and adults.

Prices start at $425 and go up to $3,025. Cindy uses non-aggressive training techniques to address a variety of problems, including aggression, excessive barking, chewing, nipping, and jumping.

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All pets must have all required vaccinations. To schedule an assessment or reserve your first session, contact Cindy.

Bakers Acres K9 Academy

The experts at this facility can show you how to deal with your dog if it is obnoxious, fearful, messy, unruly, aggressive, destructive, or anxious.

Every family member is taught how to train dogs at Bakers Acres K9 Academy to help with behavioral problems. Sarah Baker and her husband Eric Baker founded the facility.

Many pet owners in Springville consider the team to be their local favorites because they are kind, efficient, and knowledgeable.

The Bakers have experience working with animals of all breeds, ages, and sizes and are experts in basic obedience. Private lessons, group classes, DIY online courses, puppy camp, and other training options are available at Bakers Acres.

The most comprehensive obedience program’s training costs begin at $1,500. As you schedule an evaluation, get in touch with Bakers Acres K9 Academy to learn more about their programs and vaccination requirements.

Full House Dog Training

With the assistance of the professionals at Full House Dog Training, change your dog’s behavior. The community in Utah’s Best Southwest Valley and surrounding areas are served by the facility.

The staff at this establishment will give you and your pet the resources needed for long-term success. Tracie Kay founded Full House. Tracie is looking forward to offering training that is jam-packed with outcomes and full of fun, along with her family of five and three dogs.

In addition to others, Tracie has had the opportunity to study under eminent trainers like Skye Poitras, Bethany Tracy of Wasatch Canine Camp, and Chad Mackin. This dog training facility offers a variety of training options, such as group classes, day training, private training, residency programs, and paw partners.

Tracie trains your dog in her home so that they can learn in a real-world setting. All breeds of dogs, starting at 8 weeks old, are trained by Full House. Costs begin at $200. All pets participating in Tracie’s training programs must have all necessary vaccinations.

Contact Full House Dog Training to learn more about their programs and to schedule your dog’s initial training session. Salty Dog Instruction Professional training services, such as behavior modification and fundamental puppy training, are provided by this Millcreek facility. Building a strong foundation for resolving behavioral issues is a specialty of Salty Dog Behavior Training. Jill Barratt, a member of the International Association of Canine Dog Trainers, is the owner and operator of the facility.

Before starting Salty Dog, Jill spent a lot of time volunteering for animal rescue organizations and working in some training facilities.

To train her clients’ dogs, Jill employs a balanced, natural method based on research into the behavior and communication of dogs. Puppy training, dog training, and e-Collar training are a few of her training courses.

Pets with a range of behavioral issues, such as obedience, door-dashing, chewing, off-leash dependability, house-breaking, jumping, excessive barking, and separation anxiety, can benefit from Salty Dog Training’s solutions.

All animals participating in Jill’s training sessions must have all necessary vaccinations.

Steven’s Dog Training

This West Jordan dog training facility is committed to offering a range of services that assist in fostering a positive relationship between pets and their guardians.

Daniel Stevens founded the facility in 2014. Stevens wished to see fewer dogs sent to shelters and more dogs remain with their forever families. The trainers have trained each pet to become a devoted, loving member of the family while keeping this objective in mind.

Puppy consultation, puppy planning, puppy S.T.A.R., puppy kindergarten, dog behavior course, canine back to basics training, intermediate obedience, advanced training, essential basics, aggression training, anxiety resolution, potty training, leash training, and basic manners are just a few of the training services that SDT provides.

The instructors at SDT train both parents and pets using cutting-edge training methods and positive reinforcement. Training costs $1,500 for each dog, with discounts for multiple dogs. All animals must have all necessary vaccinations. To learn more about the facility’s services and to schedule a session, get in touch with the qualified trainers there.

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Dog Training Elite

The Lehi community has been served by this prestigious dog training facility for more than 40 years. Dog Training Elite specializes in fostering the relationship between family members and their pets. With a focus on obedience in the face of distractions, the training programs at this facility are made to meet all of your pet’s training needs.

Dog Training Elite provides potty training, leash training, and remedies for animals that exhibit aggression, anxiety, submissive urination, food guarding, stealing, barking, chewing, digging, and other undesirable behaviors.

Obedience training, puppy training, service dog training, anxiety training, aggression training, in-home training, military training, therapy training, and in-facility training are just a few of the training services offered by DTE.

Private training costs $600, in-home or group training costs $750, and the platinum package costs $2,095; prices range from there. Contact the trainers at this facility to schedule an evaluation and learn more about vaccination requirements.

Tip Top K9 Training:

One of West Jordan’s top training facilities is this one. The facility specializes in 2-4 week long board and training programs. On request, they also provide private lessons at clients’ homes.

Tip Herriman, South Jordan, Riverton, and surrounding areas are also served by Top K9 Training. Over 5,000 families have benefited from this dog training facility.

Tip Twelve years after its founding, Top K9 Training has established a reputation as a top facility with a high success rate. The highly skilled trainers use tried-and-true techniques to deliver long-lasting results.

Aggressive dog training, adult dog training, puppy training, potty training, and group classes are just a few of the training services offered. These training regimens are made to assist your dog with a variety of behaviors, including jumping, digging, mouthing, biting, bolting, unwelcome barking, and fundamental commands.

Advice: Top K9 Training charges $1 for the first lesson. All pets must have all required vaccinations. To schedule your first class, contact the facility’s trainers.

Be The Boss Dog Training

In addition to other areas, this facility provides dog training services to parents and pets in Orem, Provo, Salem, Springville, Spanish Fork, Santaquin, and Payson.

For pet owners who are overwhelmed by their pet’s behavioral issues, the facility is ideal. The facility’s trainer, Bethany Faden, helps puppies as young as 8 weeks old using a variety of training methods and years of experience. Without resorting to masking behavioral problems with treats and food, Bethany teaches pet parents how to resolve them.

Essential obedience, advanced obedience, and puppy training are all available levels of training at Be The Boss Dog Training. Bethany helps parents deal with a variety of problems, including staying, crate training, begging, nipping, anxiety, and potty training.

Make contact with Be The Boss Dog Training to ask about their costs and arrange an assessment. All pets must have all required vaccinations.

Don’s Pet Care and Training Center

Each pet will receive the best training possible at Don’s Training Center in Ogden. The small, family-run company specializes in imparting effective communication skills through cutting-edge, well-rounded training techniques.

This pet training facility has been owned and run by Don and Dona Sellers since 1989. When the facility first opened, the trainer Susan Egbert joined the team and collaborates with Speaking K9’s Lindsey Ellis Seller.

Pets who exhibit aggression, anxiety, barking, jumping, lunging, nipping, chewing, potty training, and other behaviors can benefit from the full-service training facility’s range of training services.

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Contact Susan to schedule an appointment and learn more about their training options. All pets must have all required vaccinations.

Wasatch Peak Dog Training

The couple who founded this dog training facility in West Haven are Kyle and his wife. The dog-loving couple quickly realized they were in over their heads as they expanded their canine family.

The couple contacted a dog trainer, who gave them tips on how to talk to their pets. Wasatch Peak Dog Training was founded by Kyle and his wife in order to assist pet owners who, like them, struggle with training challenging dogs.

Puppy training, board and train, a 9-week DIY, and group training options are a few of their training services.

These sessions assist animals with engagement, crate training, obedience, commands, appropriate socialization, and manners like jumping, chewing, and nipping. All animals must have all necessary vaccinations. To learn more about Kyle’s training fees and arrange a consultation, get in touch with Wasatch Peak Dog Training.

K9 Leadership Training

Chris Kantz, the trainer at K9 Leadership, thinks that our behavior can influence all dogs. Chris teaches children and parents to prioritize and value instruction and communication through effective dog training.

Chris works with animals who struggle with a variety of problems, including house-soiling, nipping, biting, attention-seeking, excessive barking, jumping up on visitors, and separation anxiety.

Some of his training plans cost $300 for a private puppy series, $600 for a private adolescent series, and $750 for a combined program for both puppies and teenagers.

Crate training, potty training, nutrition, socialization, impulse control, introduction to leashes, tricks, interacting with children, and fundamental obedience are just a few of the topics covered in these classes.

All animals must receive rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccinations. To learn more about Chris’ training programs and to schedule your first lesson, contact K9 Leadership.


Kudos to 2 Canines

The Kudos 2 Canines staff is dog-crazy. Robyn Carlson, who has owned the facility for more than 15 years, has a background in training. Prior to founding Kudos 2 Canines in January 2015, Robyn began her career as a dog trainer with Petsmart.

Robyn trains pets and their owners using cutting-edge methods and positive reinforcement. Her training options include potty training at $35 and leash reactivity training at $40 through Kudos Canine Stroll. On average, lessons last 30-45 minutes.

Additionally, Kudos 2 Canines offers 10-day home potty training for $550, 2-week stay and play for $800, and board and train programs starting at $2,000, $2,500, and $2,500, respectively.

Additionally, Robyn provides private sessions for $75 per hour, consultation services for $50, and day training for $75 per day. To schedule a consultation or learn more about Robyn’s vaccination requirements, get in touch with her.


Dogtown has solutions for parents whose furry children won’t stop, among other things, biting, jumping, chewing furniture, or barking.

The facility has locations in Sandy and St. George. These facilities employ industry-leading training methods to help alter your dog’s behavior over the long term.

Lead trainer and Dogtown partner Nellie Bird began her career as an intern for a veterinarian before switching to work with a dog trainer. She is a Starmark Academy for professional dog trainers graduate as well.

Puppy social hour costs $20 per class at Dogtown; puppy jumpstart costs $1,295; Day ‘n Train courses cost between $695 and $1,295; Board and Train costs between $2,195 and $2,995; and private lessons cost between $250 and $425. Additionally, the staff at Dogtown provides in-home consultations for $95 and additional lessons beginning at $95 per lesson.

For the protection of the animals and the other trainees, all pets must be fully Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper immunized. For a consultation, get in touch with Dogtown in Sandy or St. George.

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