Bank OF Ghana Workers Salary - (2023)
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Bank OF Ghana Workers Salary

After reading this article, you will have a better understanding Bank OF Ghana Workers Salary.

Salaries of Bank of Ghana employees, One experiences feelings of self-actualization and fulfillment when they are paid for their efforts.

You should always make it a point to find out how much you will be paid for your services before deciding to work for a business, organization, or government agency.

Bankers Salary In Ghana

In this post, we’ll outline the pay scale for employees at the Bank of Ghana as well as the justification for their high salaries.

It is crucial to keep in mind that a combination of two factors determines the salaries of Bank of Ghana employees.

The primary concept, which is formed by the aforementioned criteria, is the foundation of the single spine salary structure that was put into place a few years ago.

Furthermore, Bank of Ghana employees with advanced degrees are paid more than those with less education.

Generally speaking, qualifications and rank are combined to determine a worker’s salary at the Bank of Ghana.

Bankers Salary In Ghana

The following is a list of the salaries that employees at the Bank of Ghana receive.

Averagely, Bank Of Ghana workers salary ranges from  Ghs800 to Ghs5500 monthly.

Bank OF Ghana Workers Salary

Account Manager

GHS1,367 – 4,821

Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

GHS1,600 – 3,929

Back Office Specialist

GHS1,176 – 3,053

Branch Director

GHS1,983 – 6,642

Card Services Clerk

GHS1,057 – 2,713


GHS715 – 1,637

Claims Administrator

GHS1,059 – 2,774

Client officer

GHS837 – 2,406

Compliance Specialist

GHS1,684 – 4,434

Custody Specialist

GHS1,524 – 3,962


GHS2,303 – 6,572

Department Manager

GHS1,973 – 6,496

Financial Advisor

GHS1,291 – 3,161

Financial Analyst

GHS1,611 – 4,203

Internal Auditor

GHS1,717 – 4,483

Loan Specialist

GHS1,133 – 3,165 GHS

Mortgage Specialist

GHS1,236 – 3,277

Payments Clerk

GHS1,035 – 2,710

Personal Banker

GHS861 – 3,132

Private Banker

GHS1,415 – 3,915

Product Manager – Specialist

GHS1,518 – 5,410

Product Marketing Manager

GHS1,665 – 5,733

Relationship Manager

GHS1,641 – 5,925

Risk Specialist

GHS1,798 – 4,509

Seller of Bank Services, Loan Officer

GHS1,114 – 2,530

Stock Broker

GHS1,629 – 4,223

To know more about the salaries and wages at the bank, you can go to their website or call them on 0302963117/0150589108.