Army ROTC Scholarship for College Students

Army ROTC Scholarship for College Students




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The college students who commit to serving in the army of the United States after college are offered an officer’s training program which is called The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. In exchange for military training during school and military service after graduation, ROTC scholarship covers most of the college expenses of a student and gives a monthly salary and a yearly book allowance as well.

The ROTC scholarship is the most valuable in the United States. The winners of the ROTC scholarship generally serve 4 years on active duty.

The classes of ROTC involve one lab and one elective class per semester. These classes are standard classes that fit into a normal academic schedule. They involve classroom work as well as hands-on work. These classes are helpful to students in terms of leadership and help in academic and personal decision making. The students who win the ROTC scholarship have the same schedule as regular college students and they join sororities and fraternities. These students take part in community service projects and participate in individual sports and varsity teams.

History of ROTC Scholarship:

Through the efforts of Captain Alden Partridge, the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy – known today as Norwich University was founded in 1819. The origin of the ROTC scholarship may be traced from there, in the 19th century. The first time the training in military tactics was offered as a component of the curriculum of civilian college in America. Men received a strong foundation in military tactics by the program. In 1916, the ROTC scholarship was introduced with the passage of the national defense act. Different big academic institutions were a part of this initial cohort. The first group of lieutenants by the ROTC scholarship program was produced during the school year 1919-1920. By 1985, these 133 new officers were joined by more than 500,000 others.

In this article, you will learn how to get  ROTC 4-year army scholarship opportunity for high school students?

What are the ROTC scholarship requirements during college?

  • The students are required to take elective ROTC courses along with their regular courses. The classes of ROTC include
  1. History
  2. Structure
  3. The function of the military branch providing the scholarship
  4. Instruction in leadership and military operations
  5. Rigorous physical training
  • The students are required to take part in the training of ROTC on campus or at other colleges in the region. To attend the classes or training that are required, some cadets of ROTC are required to commute daily.
  • The winners of the ROTC scholarship are required to take part in the special programs throughout the year. The programs include camps and competitive challenge courses.

What is the Service Commitment After Graduation?

The winners of the ROTC scholarship are required to serve in the army for 8 years. This includes 4 years of active service and 4 years in the reserves. Four to five years are required in the navy. Four to six years of active duty and 10 years for cadets that are trained as pilots are required for the air force.

Eligibility Requirements for the ROTC Scholarship:

The requirements of the ROTC scholarships vary between the military branches but the basic requirements are as follows.

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be at least 17 years of age and not more than 26
  • Meet GPA requirements i.e, 2.50
  • Meet SAT and/or ACT requirements
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Meet physical fitness standards

ROTC Scholarship Amount: 

The ROTC scholarship provides up to full tuition fee coverage and monthly salary along with an allowance for boos which is given yearly. A living expense up to $420 is provided for each school year. The Non-scholarship Cadets in ROTC advanced courses (3rd and 4th year) also receive this allowance yearly.

How to Apply for ROTC Scholarship?

You first need to make an MY GOARMY account to apply for the ROTC scholarship. Creating the account will take you to the login page. After the successful login, you will be able to access the application form and fill it.


January 10, 2021

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