Application For US Visa – Basic Information (Dubai)

Application For US Visa – Basic Information (Dubai): If you are planning a vacation or business trip to the United Arab Emirates, you may want to apply for US Visa or Green Card right here in Dubai. Just as you do any country, applying for a US visa through the process described in this article is not always an easy task. In order to help you out with the application for a US visa or green card in Dubai, here are the important requirements that you need to follow:

You can start your application for a US visa or green card online, specifically at the official website of the Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Just at the bottom of the home page, you’ll see the two main categories of visa application, i.e., Non immigrant Visas and Green Card.

On the homepage, click on “igrate or apply for citizenship.” Once you click on “clan” or “countries,” you’ll be taken to a webpage that contains detailed instructions on how to proceed with your application for a US visa or green card. On this webpage, you need to follow the instructions carefully. For instance, there are tabs that have been marked as “visa approved” and “approved” and then “approved” and “denied.” Click on the tabs marked “approved” in order to proceed with your application for a US visa or green card.

Once you’re done with this, you can proceed to submit your request for a US work visa by completing the” DS 160 Form.” This application form is available in English and Arabic. It is highly recommended that you double check your answers to the questions before submitting it as an application for a US work visa. If you find any wrong answers, don’t bother correcting them since they will only be corrected when your application is processed and approved. Otherwise, you’ll be denied of a US work visa.

There are quite a number of reasons why so many people prefer to use the Online Passport Services. One of these is the fact that the applications are easy to complete and quick to submit. Another reason is the fact that using the online service has eliminated the need to submit hard copies of your passport and other important documents. The processing of your application for a US visa and green card takes a matter of weeks only. So many people find this method to be very convenient.

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There are three basic types of US visas: Green Card, non-immigrant visas and resident visas. These are also divided into two major subgroups: Federal Employment Visa (ES) and National Security Visa (NSS). Green Card is the most common US visa type which allows people with certain qualifications to work in the country legally. This program is also referred to as the indefinite residency program or the green card. Those qualified for green card can stay in the country without fulfilling the requirement of spending time in the country for at least 3years.

Non-immigrant visa is different from the green card. A non-immigrant visa does not allow you to work in the country. On the contrary, an immigrant visa allows you to work in the country legally, but cannot apply for citizenship if you do not have US citizenship by birth.

Appointment of an experienced US visa lawyer is one of the best ways to make sure that you get the best treatment and processing of your application for a US visa. Hiring a professional can help you out in securing an appointment with the consular officers and be assured of fast processing of your application for a US visa. There are many US visa services online today that offer online consultation and fast processing of your visa application. You just need to fill up the online visa application form with all the required information and you would be informed if your application for a US visa has been approved or rejected. Professional visa services also have agents who can visit you in your locality so that they can personally make your appointments and walk you through the entire processing of your visa.

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