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Breaking News: All terrestrial TV channels, including HD Plus, will be off In Ghana


There will be blackout on all terrestrial television channels across all decoders, including HD plus decoders.

As a result, MAX TV, TV3, Onua TV, MX24 and other channels cannot be viewed on master, advance, or any decoder that supports T2 channels.

Consequently, GTV SPORTS PLUS HD will only be available on HD plus decoders, allowing viewers to watch all 64 matches live and in high definition.

FIFA right issue, All Satellite decoders transmitting on Digital transmission will go off during the matches and will come back thereafter.

HD+ , Quality and some of the decoder will not have the digital channels working anytime matches are showing.
Digital channels only can have it and Only GTV Sport plus on HD decoder too will work

Additionally, the rights to broadcast the World Cup matches over the air are considered “free-to-air.” Additionally, in order to view the live broadcasts of the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches, an antenna will be required. No decoder access!


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