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6 Things To Consider Before Applying To College Or University


6 Things To Consider Before Applying To College Or University.As a student you should be asking some questions that are unique to your status as well as some questions that are applicable to any student considering higher education.

I will start with the rather broad philosophical issues and then try to address some very specific things you need to consider.

The first thing you want to do is ask yourself why do you want to go that college or university? What specifically are you looking for that you might not be able to find at home?

Are you looking for a different approach to teaching and learning? If so, are you ready for the adjustment it might take for you to do well? For example, if you are in an educational system in which tests and exams matter far more than anything else are you prepared to enter a class in which class participation, group work, or research might comprise a significant part of the grade.

6 Things To Consider Before Applying To College Or University

  1. Approach to education

     Get the university’s catalogue/prospectus and  try to understand the university’s approach to education.For example: certain schools focus more on research while certain schools focus on vocational skills.Know everything about the course you are going to apply to.Certain colleges have co-op programs/work placement programs which help students pay tuition and gain experience while certain colleges encourage students to double major.
  2. University atmosphere

    Most international students will not be able to visit campuses .So your best bet is to search on Youtube for  campus tours etc.Certain people enjoy a small campus atmosphere(2000-5000) and certain people enjoy campuses with more than 50k students.
    Also check out the clubs and organisations available on campus. As a student look out for cultural associations/clubs of people from my country to make sure I can feel at home.
  3. Courses Offered In The University / College

Look through the programmes you are interested in the school website. Get all the information that you need (what the curriculum is like, campus life, CCAs etc). Choose a programme that you are passionate about and a university that you feel will fit your personality.

  • Admission Fees And Tuition Fees

 Look at the tuition fees. Discuss with your parents. Have financial difficulties? See if the school offers financial assistance to deserving students. You can also take a gap year to get a job and save a bit of money (it may not be enough but at least it’s a start) and explore other opportunities. You may just stumble upon something you love and change your mind on the programme you intend to take. There’s no rush.

  • Have a rough estimate of how much money you will need a year for hostel fees, food, other miscellaneous stuff and books.
  • Decide with family if that university is to your liking. Plan your finances, university is very expensive and a lifetime investment.
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