37 Military Hospital Nurses Training College Courses For Registered Midwifery

37 Military Hospital Nurses Training College Courses For Registered Midwifery

Training in Basic Nursing with specialization in Midwifery

Level 100 1st Semester

Anatomy & Physiology 1

Basic Nursing

Microbiology & Infection Prevention/Control

Therapeutic Communication

Professional Adjustment in Nursing

Introductory Sociology

Nursing & Midwifery Informatics

Introductory French Language


Level 100 2nd Semester

First Aid, Emergency & Disaster Management


Introductory Psychology

Anatomy & Physiology II

Health Promotion

Personal & Environmental Health

Nutrition & Dietetics

Level 200 1st Semester

Anatomy & Physiology of Human Reproductive System & the Foetus I

Pharmacology, Therapeutics & Pharmacovigilance

Advanced Nursing

Medical Nursing

Surgical Nursing

Physiology & Management of Normal Pregnancy

Public Health Nursing

Level 200 2nd Semester

Research Methods

Physiology & Management of Normal Labour

Physiology & Management of Normal Puerperium & Neonate

Physiology & Management of the High Risk Neonate

Anatomy & Physiology of Human Reproductive System & the Foetus II

Community Midwifery

Psychiatric Nursing

Level 300 1st Semester

Supply Chain Management

Physiology & Management of Abnormal Pregnancy

Physiology & Management of Abnormal Labour

Management of Abnormal Peurperium

Family Planning

Family Centered Maternity Care Study

Public Health Nursing

Level 300 2nd Semester

Relationship Marketing Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Psychiatric Nursing

Public Health Nursing

Management & Administration in Midwifery

Gynecological Conditions & STIs

Advanced Midwifery & Theatre Nursing

Information & Communications Technology

Field Practical

Supply Chain Management



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